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Most all of his watches are good to own. You might like some more than others, but here is a nicely designed good value timepiece that reminds me of a more refined Montblanc timepiece. Funny how both Martin Braun and Montblanc are often appreciated to "MB." This is the steel and black version of the Brand Chrono watch.  It is 42mm wide and has a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement in it. I love the vertical column engraving on the side of the case - always a classy touch. You also have the Breguet style numerals on the dial as well as circular engraving in the middle of the dial. You can't see it in the images here, but the back of the watch has an sapphire exhibition caseback.

Come to think of it, I don't know of any watches from Rolex themselves that are actual limited editions. Have they ever even done that? To get your limited edition fix with a Rolex, Project X has some attractive unique creations from time to time. Such Project X limited editions watches come in a series of 24 pieces as designed by them. Each model displays a beautifully re-visioned Rolex watch with various levels of modifications. Favorites include adding sapphire caseback, altering colors, engravings, and adding dial text or graphics.  There have only been a few Project X limited edition series so far, and they have all quickly sold out. Look out for more to come in the future.

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Casio G-Shock G-Rescue G7900 Cold Resistant Watches Watch Releases

This is all good news for Nubeo as well, who are getting much deserved praise and attention for their Black Mamba watch line. Thanks Kobe!

Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection – Women’s Cruise 2009

Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection – Women’s Cruise 2009

So really, what are you left with in the Arlanch No I watch?  Not much in my opinion. The design is rather bleh if not 1950's drab, the size is too small, and the price, at over 00 (615 euros) is just way too high. If you like the design and the environmental gimmicks, then go for it I guess. You will get a gold watch, but it will be a really little one. Coolest part of the watch? The logo of the Arlanch brand.

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Marvin M104 Watch Review

Marvin M104 Watch Review

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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster X-Lume Watch

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster X-Lume Watch

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No sports watch would be complete without a comfortable and totally durable rubber watch strap. Being that this is from Swarovski, of course, there are six crystals accenting the watch strap, to complete the overall aesthetic of fun (there is a full bracelet available as well). My one concern about those crystals, though, is how comfortable/durable they would be while wearing this... If it's a sport watch, it must be able to hold up in more extreme conditions. I would have to test this out to know for sure - but I doubt I would keep this on while, say, working out or hiking.

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The steel bracelet has solid end-links and have screw bars that hold the links together inspeak of pins. You also have a diver's extension in the bracelet and micro adjusters in the deployment clasp. The wide middle link will be a matter of taste. Going back to the dial, the hands and hour markers are covered in C3 SuperLumiNova, and the dial has a nice mix of matte black, lume, and red trim. A good touch is the little round date window (that is one a matching black disc) that matches the circular shape of the hour ring in the dial. The 60 click rotating bezel has a nice black inlay with lume at the 60 minute counter.

Sometimes I wait a bit after news "breaks" to discuss a topic. That was the case with MB&F's new HM (horological machine) 2.2 watch. The timepiece is a further extension of the quite pricey luxury HM2 watch. MB&F has given the watch several version done in combos of metals (gold, titanium...), ceramic, and of course colors and styles. I've worn a few of them, and admit they are sorta cool. One of the biggest criticisms of that watch is that it was unwearable. True, the the wide box is tough to wear on your wrist, but it isn't exactly "unwearable" (like the DeWitt WX-1). From a practical standpoint MB&F watches are wearable art. Few people would actually wear and HM1, HM2, or HM3 watch all the time, but I for one quite appreciate them. Max Busser of the brand is a marketing master as well. He really knows how to get people excited about his watches, and items such as this limited edition of 8 pieces HM2.2 watch are a great was of doing that.

Having a thin polished bezel gives the M103 a large look given the 44mm wide case. The sapphire crystal is raised and nicely beveled. A look that is common in Marvin watches. For another piece of brand identity you can see the red number "8" on the watch dial, as well as the color of the reserve side of the leather watch strap. Like all nice Marvin watches. the strap has a really high quality made buckle - again with the Marvin logo. One reason that I keep mentioning where the Marvin logo is placed, is because many watches that don't have these "signed" piece feel too much, as though they are made from sourced watch parts (this is especially the way I feel when I see a watch strap buckle without a brand signature on it). Marvin has the feel of a more brand dedicated product that isn't part of a common parts bin. Thus you get this special attention on the crown, buckle, and on the back of the strap.

Like most exclusive Linde Werdelin watches, the Hard Black II will come in a limited edition of just 88 pieces are are currently available for pre-order at Linde Werdelin here (or any of the Linde Werdelin authorized dealers - soon they will be coming to a store near-ish you). Price is 4,920 euros.

Unauthorized Rolex Phone From China Does Actual Rolex Watches Shame

Unauthorized Rolex Phone From China Does Actual Rolex Watches Shame

True nerd and want to learn more? Check out these two PDFs below.

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On the side of the watch you have a gold colored screw-down crown to wind the watch and adjust the time and date. This crown features the Edox logo: a stylized hourglass. A further two push buttons control the chronograph start-stop-reset functions.

Casio G-Shock G-Rescue G7900 Cold Resistant Watches Watch Releases

For me, the M103 watch is a good all-around timepiece, with a price of ,400. With a good mix of sport and formal style, you can wear the watch with jeans, shorts, suit, or a black leather jacket. I feel that the watch exudes a sense of practicality and being functionally minded. Its non pretentious, and genuine.  A watch like this makes you approachable, and also communicates that you are tasteful and enjoy nice things in life. I personally like the watch a lot and certainly enjoy wearing it.

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See Mr. Jones watches on Amazon here.Mr. Jones Watches "The Accurate" Is Reminder Of Your Impending Demise Watch Releases

Mr. Jones Watches "The Accurate" Is Reminder Of Your Impending Demise Watch Releases
Mr Jones Watch The Last Laugh automatic mechanical jump movement
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Interview With MB&F Watches Founder Max Büsser ABTW Interviews

The iPhone app is not just an electronic catalog. Look at the most popular iPhone apps that people download. Guess what, they are either fun or useful... or both. You want something that people are going to use frequently, not just once. Nothing is worse for a brand than having a person enthusiastically download an application only to realize it is boring or pointless. So the message here is; think about what it will do, and it has to do something. Either this functionality is highly complex (which will require all sorts of systems aside from the application itself, or basic (a fun little tool that will take the power of a brand and imbue it into the user's phone). Complex functionality will require serious development. It should involve functions such as real-time inventory tracking (allowing a user to discover what models a nearby store has), checking out how functions work (virtual watches), or involve certain social networking functions (such as group voting on watch designs or wish lists that are accessible to the community.

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