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Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Let me introduce a new model to the Oceanus line up, the OCWM800TBA-1A Super Chronograph. The M800 features everything you would expect from Oceanus in an attractive package designed to compliment the avid traveler in both function and form.

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Bell & Ross Instrument Gets Fancy New Skin With The BR01-94 Pro Titanium

Bell & Ross Instrument Gets Fancy New Skin With The BR01-94 Pro Titanium

De Bethune DBS Digital: A Calendar Watch For The New Year Watch Releases

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Patek Philippe Calatrava

Watch makers like to attach themselves to cars whenever possible. Not that watches are like cars, but the idea is that people who appreciate cars can probably also appreciate watches. I have an idea why that is. Most cars can take you from "a to point b." Likewise, most watches will tell you the time. It is up to the connoisseur to make a determination on whether a specific car or watch performs its function well. That is the difference, and most of you know the pleasure of driving a car that takes pleasure in driving.

JP Lepine Belharra Black HMS Watch Available Watch Releases

So when one of these watches, especially one in superb condition becomes available. I want to mention it. You can totally go to and get a brand new one. It would be worth every penny of the 0 price, but there is one on eBay, starting at 0 with a buy it now of 0 which is just a great deal. And you know how much I love mentioning a good deal. For those of you that miss out on this watch on eBay, you should have no qualms about getting a new one. It is the best value you can find for a excellent quality Rolex Submariner style dive watch. For those of you that don't know, Marcello C. is an impressive German watch company whose founder came from Oris watches.

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Patek Philippe Complications

Take a look at this aerial view of Glashutte. This is no city, and barely a town. Regardless, this hamlet is world famous for producing mechanical items of fascination unique to the region, steeped in literally centuries of tradition. I'll be taking my camera along with me, so stay tuned for a full expose. Oh, and don't expect the region to look as green in my photos. Remember, it is currently a cold winter in eastern Germany, and this California boy has little to no experience in such climates. So get ready to hear me talk about the definitive source of German luxury watch making, the A. Lange & Sohne manufacture, the people behind it, and mechanical wonders they produce.

Tokyo Street LED Scope Watch Targets Time

Tokyo Street LED Scope Watch Targets Time

Angular Momentum Asks "Whats Your Sign?," With The New Orbis Signifier Collection Of Watches Watch Releases The moon cutaway is one of the best aspects of the Orbis Signifier collection. They are a prefect way to tell the time and stick with the theme of the watch. Using the middle of the moon, you line up the disc and read the time. Perhaps not 'to the minute' precision, but pretty good. I really love the execution of the idea, and depending on the orientation and zodiac image on the watch, the moon is placed in a different position. Without attempting to state the obvious, the twelve watches in the Orbis Signifier Collection are: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, and Pisces. Each watch is unique and the entire collection together is really lovely. Expect prices to be reasonable at a few thousand dollars. Another nice offering from Angular Momentum that is worth taking a look at.

Then you have a distinct Rolex Submariner influence in this watch. For one, you have the bracelet which is a Swiss Army take on the classic three-link steel bracelet. One of the most successful bracelet designs ever created, and well utilized here. Then there are the hour markers on the watch dial. Now you know you are in Rolex territory. Replace the Swiss Army logo with a Rolex crown, and you'd not be able to distinguish the two very easily. To Swiss Army's benefit they wisely decided to make the hour markers raised units that are attached to the dial with a thick amount of luminant, similar to how Rolex does it. I have no problem with Swiss Army using this tested and approved design and layout that for whatever reason, makes for an extremely legible watch.

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Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer Watches

Stylin' Xemex XE 5000 Automatic Watch With Perlage Polished Metal Face Sales & Auctions This is one of the rarest Xemex XE 5000 watches out there, and perhaps the most interesting. This is Xemex trying to be even more avant garde and succeeding. The XE 5000 line of Xemex watches was intended to be a higher budget Offroad, and offered complex chronograph and standard three hand models in various flavors.

See Franck Muller watches on Amazon here.Girl Tech: Franck Muller Presents The World's Smallest Tourbillon Watch In A Feminine Little Package Watch Releases

Girl Tech: Franck Muller Presents The World's Smallest Tourbillon Watch In A Feminine Little Package Watch Releases
Mens Franck Muller King Conquistador Cortez Iced Out Diamond Watch 1665 Ct
Time Remaining: 2h 39m
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Girl Tech: Franck Muller Presents The World's Smallest Tourbillon Watch In A Feminine Little Package Watch Releases
Franck Muller Cintree Curvex Secret Hours 18k Rose Gold RARE gents watch
Time Remaining: 2h 49m
Buy It Now for only: ,475.00
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Girl Tech: Franck Muller Presents The World's Smallest Tourbillon Watch In A Feminine Little Package Watch Releases
FRANCK MULLER Cintree Curvex Ladys Medium Stainless Steel Diamonds 7502 QZ DP
Time Remaining: 2h 54m
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Girl Tech: Franck Muller Presents The World's Smallest Tourbillon Watch In A Feminine Little Package Watch Releases
.99 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 3h 17m

Each watch has a thick leather strap. The Square has a standard buckle clasp, which the Cameo has a folding deployment clasp. The ETA 2892 in the Cameo is a higher quality movement than the ETA 2836 in the Square, though the 2892 does not have a day of the week complication. Notice that the date disc in the Temption is colored to match the dial color, while the Fortis uses the standard white color of the date and day discs. Given these fact as well and the higher costs in case construction, the Temption Cameo is a more expensive watch, but not by too much, and the value is there. The little details in the Temption certainly make for a more designer looking watch, though I have little to complain about with the Fortis Square. Unlike the Fortis, the Temption has a perfectly square sapphire crystal that is much harder to attach to the case, whereas the Fortis has a square shaped crystal that has rounded edges. You'll further notice the cabochon gem in the Temption crown, while Fortis has a signed crown.

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Piaget Dabcer

The Prix Officiel de la Revue des Montres 2008 named this Girard Perregaux the most beautiful woman's watch of the year for 2008. The official watch review or not, I don't agree that this is the most beautiful woman's watch of the year. It certainly is well made and designed beautifully, but not the best in my opinion. That would probably go to something else, perhaps a Piaget or Breguet. Hope you had a happy shopping season!

There are only a few thousand Tiffany & Co. Streamerica watches in circulation, and this one is in exception condition. I love the white glove treatment in the pictures. You can clearly see how beautifully crafted the case is in the images. Actually the watch is not too large, but almost midsized by today's standards. The case is just shy of 40mm wide, and less than 14mm thick. In addition to looking stellar, the case and bracelet are designed with comfort in mind. Having no sharp edges, but still looking crisp, the watch is comfortable to wear, but not cheap looking by any means. Sharp angles tend to be a sign of quality craftsmanship, but also can be uncomfortable if they dip into your skin. I've worn a Tiffany & Co. Streamerica and can attest to its ability to satisfy all wrist requirements.

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Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

It's true. Get this watch for your special lady and she won't have anything to complain about. If she does, then I'd suggest giving the watch to another woman...any other woman. Say you are an uptight guy, and saying those three little words doesn't come as easy as you would like. Maybe the whole tone of the Hallmark-iday just doesn't leave a romantic taste in your mouth. Well you can buy your way out of this pickle, because dammit, she is going to expect too many loving words after receiving this gift. So why I am posting this ON Valentine's day? A little to late you think. Well you will need to mull this one over until next year maybe cause it is certainly an investment. Or maybe you didn't get anything yet today and probably need to buy yourself out of  some femme-anger.

I can hear you collectively rejoicing out there Citizen Campanola lovers. This is one of the nicest Campanola watches I have seen in a long time and represents two things. First, a beautiful cream colored dial with the signature Citizen Campanola high quality application with rich textures and deep gloss. I have a feeling its hard to truly appreciate the face of this watch without seeing it. There is almost a sunburst pattern in the design. The cream colored dials are very new and only began production this year.

New Laco Marine Style Watch Aims Squarely At Cartier Pasha Seatimer Watch Releases I could not find the name of this new Laco watch. Perhaps if I spoke German that would be possible or I am just too lazy to write to Roger Ruegger, from who excellent (German) website I found the picture. No doubt I will discover it soon enough and update this article, I hope. Roger, like myself is a great lover of diving watches, and happened to snap this image while at Basel World (2008) in April. I have always had a fondness for Laco watches, and this one seemed particularly attractive.

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Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Classic Small

See Sinn watches on Amazon here.Black-On-Black; The Sinn U Black Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Black-On-Black; The Sinn U Black Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases
Sinn 144 St Sa Automatic Chronograph Wristwatch on Bracelet
,300.00 (30 Bids)
Time Remaining: 32m

LUM-TEC: "This part is going to be easy! We will gather all the input and have our official artist "Dangeruss" from draw up the images in life-like detail. We can see exactly how the design will look. I trust people's judgment. They are the final consumer so their wants and ideas matter most to us. This is going to be a lot of fun! I will love it if every WIS on the net will step up and get involved with the design. We can make a very serious watch here with this much input!"

This special ring rotor, in addition to looking great, provides the best of both worlds, allowing for a great unobstructed view of the movement, along with having the immense convenience of an automatic winding movement. Nice work Carl. F. Bucherer. Oh, and by the way, remember how I said that worked with Techniques Horlogères Appliquées to development the movement? Apparently Carl F. Bucherer was so impressed with them, they just bought up the 17 person company. Look for the CFB A1000 automatic movement to appear in Carl F. Bucherer watches soon.

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Replica Patek Philippe Complications

Two Engraved Skeletonized Beauties: The Patek Philippe 'Art Piece" 5180/1 And The IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Mystère Squelette Watches Feature Articles Both watches are also skeletonized. This is an interesting process whereby decoration on the movement is complimented by an actually decorated movement. Almost all necessary metal is removed, and just the bare 'skeleton' of the movement is retained. This way you can seriously appreciate all aspects of the watch. Skeletonized watches make the dials less legible, but the trade off is having a beautiful machine to look at on your wrist.

Bell & Ross Instrument Gets Fancy New Skin With The BR01-94 Pro Titanium Watch Releases When it comes down to it, Bell & Ross is a very conservative designer. Which is not typical at all for the French. In essence, the BR01 Pro Titanium is a conservative and simple watch, but you'd not know it from a mere glance. This is an asset to the watch market, because it will help this watch have a lasting aesthetic, and that is most important when considering the engineering of an icon. Think of it as Bell & Ross always thinking ahead, even though the brand is young. The BR01-94 Pro Titanium chronograph will be cost about 8,000 Euros (retail, not street price) when it is released soon. I don't even want to think what that means in dollars right now. Judging actual prices and the minor discounts involved, I think you'll find with watch for about ,000 - ,500 soon.

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Marvin M109 Watch Offers Handsome Looks, Value, Unavailability In The US Watch Releases
1028m Warner Bros 1994 Looney Toons Marvin The Martian ARMITRON WATCH W Case
Time Remaining: 4h 3m
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Marvin M109 Watch Offers Handsome Looks, Value, Unavailability In The US Watch Releases
Armitron looney toons Marvin the Martian watch
Time Remaining: 7h 59m
Buy It Now for only: 5.00
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Marvin M109 Watch Offers Handsome Looks, Value, Unavailability In The US Watch Releases
MONTAUK 7 jewel 2 adj MARVIN Antique POCKET WATCH FAHYS Rose gold monogrammed
Time Remaining: 8h 59m

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Longiness Saint Imier

Despite my tirade on watch naming practices I really like Jaquet Droz and the Grande Second SUW (I can barley write that with a straight face) a lot. These are handsome watches with a rich helping of avant garde style that still feels appropriate for any owner. Oh, and retail is about ,000. Figure about ,000 in stores.

The T-Touch line is famous for its "touch" ability that turns the regular-old sapphire crystal into a touch sensitive interface for selecting one of the many, many functions. Lets take a look under the hood:

It is funny, because other watches and watch companies do a lot of the same things that Concord is doing, but the marketing and attitude at Concord irks me the most. Namely, it is over-hyping and creating confusion around the new products that they release. Nothing about Concord's new watches impresses me. There is really nothing to impress anyone. They want you to think they have created the next great watch, but they haven't. They have just done the same thing, that other companies have done a number of times before, and made it look a little bit different. Let's put it this way, nothing Concord has released is new or useful, despite how desperately they want their marketing materials to convince you otherwise.

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Frank Muller Gravity skeletion

SIHH 2009 Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Navy SEALs Watch Collection Shows & Events The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor collection was already strong, but this new line solidifies it as the best diving watch collection Jaeger LeCoultre has ever made.  The new line was just released at SIHH 2009. The alarm version pictured is my favorite, but there is also a GMT chronograph or world timer with depth gauge models available. The alarm is clean looking with only a subtle reminder that a middle ring for the alarm with small arrow hand is there when you need it. It certainly doesn't get in the way. Further, Jager-LeCoultre has improved the minutes hand on the watch. IT now has an arrow tip, where it used to look too much like the hour hand. The dial and bezel feel like they have the right mix of complexities but also legible flat surfaces, at the same time.

Then you have the Breitling Navitimer Heritage. A throwback to a similar time, but for aviation, not diving duty. Here you get a reminder that we didn't always have calculators. As such, this watch is complete with a slide rule bezel to help you make important flight related calculations - right there on your wrist. Hope you read the manual on how to use it though. The Navitimer Heritage goes back to a beautiful classic look (with or without gold). This aviator watch utilizes a 30 minute chronograph and easy to read yet sophisticated dial design that Breitling is known for.

Pip-Boy 3000 Wearable Watch & Desk Clock: From Fallout Universe To Reality

Pip-Boy 3000 Wearable Watch & Desk Clock: From Fallout Universe To Reality
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