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Sharing A Reader's Speedmaster Story

Any of the above watches would be perfect gifts to the men and women in your life, for Father's Day, Graduation, or any time for celebration. With research and attention to their tastes, this can be a most cherished, life-long gift that will exist beyond the present holiday.

Then you have the women's line which I wanted to show you. These are of the most stunning women's watches out there. So cool you'll actually want her to have one. They are basically men's sized anyway, with masculine enough colors I would probably wear one. The women's Jellyfish watches are called Medusse. Which is a play on another name for jellyfish. These watches illustrate Nubeo's jewelry background. Mr. Castro is very talented when it comes to picking the right stones. You'll find that the various watches have been meticulously thought out when it comes to choice of colors, cuts, and sizes. I think that he did a very good job without going overboard. It is a tough line to reach to being clearly a jewelery timepiece without being  reduced to a framework for a precious gem orgy (you know you've seen those watches).

Skagen 355XLSSB Steel Collection Watch Review: Distinctly Danish Wrist Time Reviews

Diamond Watches As Holiday Gifts

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The below thoughts are by John Cunningham, a fellow watch lover. I asked him to comment on this TheTimeTV video from the perspective of a more mature watch lover -as was interested in his response to the marketing approach taken by Audemars Piguet in presenting the Royal Oak Offshore Survivor watches. Here are his words:

The New and Vintage Omega Speedmaster Mark II Replica

Alfex has been around for 60 years and you still haven't heard of them? I don't care that they are hard to find, especially in America. It is a cool brand, and this 60th anniversary piece is actually very unlike them, though it is handsome. Typically, the brand produces interesting minimalist designs. This is a more technologically inspired watch with a lot of classic elements, such as the case shape and crowns. The watch itself was designed by Marcus Eilinger, and Alfex is confident that it will become an icon. The Pazzola Giant Alarm is going to be offered in a limited edition of 600 pieces.

This Arctos Elite GPW K1 Limited Edition watch was release a little while ago (in 2008). As the run was for only 50 watches there are rare. However, Rufus Lin Designs has a very limited number (three pieces or less) available. The price for each is reasonable at ,200 Because this model is is nicer AND less expensive than the standard Artcos GPW watch it is a choice pick for me.

All IWC Replica Watches For Sale

The glory of this special edition watch is really most appreciated through this video where a bona fide watch fanatic (like me) documents his unboxing ceremony. With more passion for this watch than any woman, the collector proves just how many times the word "beautiful" can be used in a short video about taking a fine IWC watch out of its packaging. You just have to see this.

Awesome Ernst Benz Chronoflite GMT Watch Watch Releases

Last year Basel saw the Certina DS 1 release to a lot of happy watch lovers. It was a entry level priced handsome watch with the build quality and parts that the Swatch Group is able to provide (usually pretty good). Quality is a bit up from Hamilton, another Swatch Group brand. The standard DS 1 watch has an ETA 2824-2 movement, while this new chronograph version will have a Valjoux 7750. This might be one of the best priced watches to be available with the highly desirable work-horse automatic chronograph movement.

The Best & The Brightest: Breitling Watches

Often for women's watches only the aesthetic details are taken into consideration. Which is a bit frustrating for female watch aficionados. While the Contessa model does not feature any high complications, to show off Eterna's esteem as a manufacture, the simplicity of this timepiece is sure to attact women looking for a versatile, stylish everyday watch.

Before looking at a Temption watch you need to understand what goes into their watches. I've written about Temption at length on, so I won't emulate a broken record by going over their design theory yet again. Let it be said that Klaus Ulbrich is a fan of Bauhaus, modernism, and a Japanese aesthetic called Wabisabi. The watches are all what I would consider a healthy mixture of architecturally poised Romanesque style with a veneer of Bauhaus and modernism to soften the edges and help emphasize function. That being said, the design is actually deceptively simple and almost a triumph of the understated.

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Suunto Triathalon Collection t6c Red Arrow & t3c Black Arrow Watches

Suunto Triathalon Collection t6c Red Arrow & t3c Black Arrow Watches

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New Face Of The Breitling Aerospace Watch For 2009 Watch Releases

World of Watches: Where Brand Name Watches Become Discount Watches

The first Bell & Ross BR01 watch focused on the middle era, while the quartz BR watch came second - and now the BR Heritage is the newest in the collection. At first glance, the BR Heritage looks a lot like the standard BR01 (or BR03) watch line. When you put the two together, you can easily see the differences. Aside from the vintage colors, the hands and indexes are a bit different. The BR Heritage goes Panerai style minimalist having less indicators on the dial. The hands — equally as effective — are more classically instrumental in design.

Tissot T-Race Danica Patrick Chronograph 2009 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

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Some additional information from Casio:

Romain Jerome Moon-Dust DNA The Truth About Roswell Watch, Is A Mystery To Me Watch Releases

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The dial is finished with a radial pattern, which is subtly done and quite pretty. As you change the angle, the reflections precess around the dial, yet the effect is not flashy or obtrusive. The hands are quite good, with minute and hour polished and sporting center stripes of white lume. The second hand is the sole color on the watch or dial, at a nice blued-steel color. It's almost certainly blue paint, but attractive nonetheless. Look at the hour markers - they're nicely faceted and quite well done:

It is getting to the point where I write more than anything else, but that is OK because I love it. Eventually some of you will need to help contribute to keep all my content bases covered. My newest area of watch passion expression is The fare is arguably lighter, but is for a slightly different audience - still the talk is on watches. will need no introduction to some, but is basically a large news and opinion site where writers of different focuses and specializations are selected and given dedicated pages. I've been selected as the Men's Luxury Style writer for San Francisco, which essentially means that I will be talking about watches. Though when related luxury style items come up, I am sure I will mention them ("but watches are all that I know!").