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It is charming when you have someone who doesn't know a lot about watches do an article on the watch industry. That isn't to say that the journalist erred in their reporting, but rather that there is a degree of naivete to the tone regarding the topic of discussion, which is watch advertising. A lot of people correctly point out that there is a lot of consistency among watch advertising. You see the hands in the same orientation most of the time, and the date often has an "8" in it, or is at 31. The orientation of the hands is usually at about 10:10. There is nothing at all significant about this time, it is all aesthetics any symmetry. Two hands pointing up in a more or less symmetrical position just seems to look better.

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Romain Jerome Crisis Tourbillon Watch: This Small Company "Knows No Crisis" Watch Releases
Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Five Black I Ceramic Bezel 50mm 20700 LNIB
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Romain Jerome Crisis Tourbillon Watch: This Small Company "Knows No Crisis" Watch Releases
Romain Jerome Titanic DNA CHTOXY3BBBB00BB Black Satin Finished SS
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Romain Jerome Crisis Tourbillon Watch: This Small Company "Knows No Crisis" Watch Releases
Romain Jerome 1969 Heavy Metal Moon Dust Mens Automatic Watch RJMAU02006
,326.00 (19 Bids)
Time Remaining: 9h 8m

num8 GPS Locator Watch By LOK8U, For Kids! Luxury Items Lets go over the major flaws right away. 1) You need to use the Internet (probably ok via a smart phone too) to locate your brood.  2) Any rascally (or semi independent kid) who is able to count jelly beans is gonna figure out really quick that for mommy and daddy to stop playing big brother, they just need to take the big plastic thing on their wrist off (LOK8U note to self, "make next version attach with single handcuff, not plastic, no big goofy key"). 3) This device is not going to have a battery life long enough to find your child who has been kidnapped by criminally disabled ransomers. Aside from these issues, the technology is pretty cool.

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When you use JamesList, you are looking at things offered by any number of people, and like I said, from all over the world. I find myself most fascinated by the stories behind these objects for sale. How did they come to be where they are, who is selling them, where will they end up? In fact, they could end up yours.

Two major elements of the Ball Engineer Master II Aviator GMT that separate it from different aviator watches are the inclusion of the micro gas tubes and the large red GMT hand. As you likely know, the gas tubes are filled with a harmless (more or less) radioactive compound that is a light source that will last for about 35 years. This way you don't need to "charge" the luminant. Needless to say that Ball watches all have this feature, and are very well suited to night or low light viewing. The Large red 24 hour hand rides along a dedicate dial making it easy to identify the 24 time. For some reason, I feel as though the watch hands are all a bit short, but this is not likely to be an issue for most people.

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Review Of The Christopher Ward C8 Pilot Watch On Wrist Time Reviews
Christopher Ward C4 C40 Speedhawk IPK black stainless braclet watch strap C70 C7
Time Remaining: 15h 1m
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Review Of The Christopher Ward C8 Pilot Watch On Wrist Time Reviews
Time Remaining: 18h 17m
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Review Of The Christopher Ward C8 Pilot Watch On Wrist Time Reviews
Time Remaining: 18h 17m
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SIHH 2009 Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Navy SEALs Watch Collection Shows & Events The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor collection was already strong, but this new line solidifies it as the best diving watch collection Jaeger LeCoultre has ever made.  The new line was just released at SIHH 2009. The alarm version pictured is my favorite, but there is also a GMT chronograph or world timer with depth gauge models available. The alarm is clean looking with only a subtle reminder that a middle ring for the alarm with small arrow hand is there when you need it. It certainly doesn't get in the way. Further, Jager-LeCoultre has improved the minutes hand on the watch. IT now has an arrow tip, where it used to look too much like the hour hand. The dial and bezel feel like they have the right mix of complexities but also legible flat surfaces, at the same time.

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Welcome To A Pinnacle Of Taste And Technology. May I Please Present You With: The Dogs Playing Poker Gold Watch Watch Releases

With so many models, Nautica can't spare the time to actually name most of its watches. So today's Nautica watch is simple known as the N16529G, which actually has a few style variations. Understand that watches at this market level need to do one thing well, look like much nicer watches. If a watch looks nice enough, it will sell. Consumers at these price points aren't really concerned about the quality of the watch, the movement, and for 0-0, you aren't going to expect more than a couple of years of cosmetically perfect use out of the watches. I see them as fun watches to wear once in a while. I'm not going to impress anyone watch snob (like me) with my fancy Nautica. But then again, to many people this is big watch money. So I discuss this watch for what it is, a amalgamation of high style looks that Nautica amassed into a single watch.

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The subject of this review is a Two-Timer Biformeter watch in steel with a red lacquered face, though Linde Werdelin offers many versions of its Biformeter watch line. The Two-Timer designator is different than the base Elemental version. The difference is the movement which is the ETA 2893-2 versus the 2892-2. The 2893-2 adds a GMT complication. This is the finest base movement that Swiss ETA makes, and arrives in this watch in its highest grade. The moment you unscrew the crown, you'll identify the feel of this movement as manually winding the watch feels like it is lubricated with butter, which is good. Lower grade movements give you a harsher feeling when winding. Remember, you don't ever need to wind the watch if you wear it enough as it is an automatic. The GMT complication of the movement is pretty nifty. With normal adjustment of the time, the GMT (24 hour) hand moves with the other hands to keep in sync. This makes it possible to use the GMT as a a simply 24 hour hand (useful to tell AM or PM). Alternatively, you can adjust the GMT hand in perfect one hour increments. Here you can use the GMT hand as a second timezone (hence the name: Two-Timer). The small date window is so tastefully integrated that the date disc color matches the dial of the watch. In this case it is also applied with the red lacquer. This helps it blend in well and really become part of the face. I don't know why Linde Werdelin did not choose to have the watch certified as a Chronometer. This assures a specific level of accuracy based upon special certification, and would have offered a nice additional title to the face. I experienced a very high level of accuracy from the watch, so I don't doubt it would pass Chronometer testing if put to the test.

I can easily say that many attorney's I have met either have a nice watch, are interested in watch making, or are plain watch fanatics. Lawyers tend to covet well know brands, but that does not encompass every watch a lawyer may like. There are even those lawyers who prefer very low end watches, especially when meeting with client or speaking to a jury in order to allow them to better blend in and appeal to the lay person. Overall you'll be hard pressed to find a lawyer that doesn't wear a watch, or have idle interest in the one(s) they have.

Banking & Finance Professionals

New "Pink Panther" Concept Watch From Virtual Ideas Is New View On Women's Luxury Watch Style The Pink Panther is really a design that needs to be viewed on a woman's wrist to be appreciated in my opinion. The elongated shape of the watch is almost vessel-like in nature, which visually extends the wrist it is worn on, an effect which is flattering. This is probably my favorite part of the watch, and looking straight at it, the body and lugs together create a shape almost creature-like and organic, thought still symmetrical. The textured face of the watch creates a depth which is inviting and mysterious. Two diamond studded orbs travel along the parallel paths indicating the time when read together. Reading the time on the Pink Panther is easy, but not precise. No matter, this is not the primary focus of the watch. It's more like a timeless showpiece than an instrument of accuracy. You'll find that most women's watches of this caliber aren't able to be read with much precision anyway. Despite this, the Pink Panther is much easier to read than most jewelry-esque women's watches, and I like that as well about this watch.

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Piaget Blacktie

Through the sapphire caseback window, you can see a decorated automatic ETA 2836-2 movement. The decoration is nice, and Schauer places a custom rotor on the movement. There is a wonderful elegant and futuristic simplicity to this watch. The font used for the number, day, and date look well done and appealing. Lots of space and no clutter on the dial add to the German aesthetic, and almost represents to me what I might call modern Bauhaus, if there was such a thing. Size is 42mm wide with a 22mm strap. These Day Date GL watches retail for about ,000 but you can get one right now on eBay for closer to ,000.

There is something organic about the seemingly industrial montage of lines and materials used in Sarpaneva watches. The Korona features 4 layers in the face, which need to be painstakingly hand sculpted for each watch. The materials on the face are mostly steel, but there is also the rose gold moon (on some models) and "diamond coated black" finishing on some of the steel. There are actually a lot of customization options here for interested parties, and various finish combinations can be ordered. First you have to like the watch itself, then you can nitpick over the small details with the watch makers.

Girard-Perregaux Flyback Chronograph Monte Carlo 1973 Watch Watch Releases

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From the a mechanical thermometer, to complex chronographs, and multi-timezone laden watches; Ball does have some interesting offerings. Even the lauded Engineer Master line has been getting visually more complicated. Now Ball has changed directions a bit and taken a bit more of a conservative approach. This is the first watch I have seen from them that takes an aviation approach to styling, though it retains a distinctive "ball" character.

Where have I seen this look before? MB&F founder Max Busser doesn't hide the fact that he is inspired by science fiction and related culture in the creation of his timepiece novelties. The new MB&F No. 3 reminds me of a place between Star Wars' C3PO, "Batteries Not Included's" Wheem babybot, and Futurama's Bender. Compare the images, and I think you'll agree. Besides those references, there are plenty of other tech culture influences that went into the design of the No. 3 Sidewinder and Starcruiser.

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Temption Cameo and Fortis Square Watches – Square Off

Temption Cameo and Fortis Square Watches – Square Off
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Breguet Classiques watches

Off To A. Lange & Söhne Watch Making Headquarters In Glashutte, Germany Inside the Manufacture

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Review Of The Casio G-Shock GS-1200-1AJF Watch On Wrist Time Reviews
Casio Mens G Shock Analog Digital Dial Black Gold Resin Strap Watch GA110GB 1A
.00 (6 Bids)
Time Remaining: 3h 47m

Then there is the "North Pointer" aspect of the watch and the large "N" on the GMT hand. This is more than just for show, but you can actually determine the direction of North with the watch. Actually, this is something that can be done with any such GMT watch if you can see the sun. OK, so you place the watch in a flat horizontal position (face of the watch facing the sky). Find the sun, and then point the regular hour hand of the watch toward the sun. The GMT hand should be pointing North. Pretty cool, but not necessarily unique to this watch.

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Here are some early images of the upcoming Tissot Sea-Touch, also known as the Tissot Atlan-T. No matter the name, it will be the next version of the very popular T-Touch line of tactile operation watches from Swatch Group's own Tissot brand. In 2000 when the T-Touch line up came out  I was instantly in love with the line. The techie good looks reminded me of a Swiss G-Shock style timepiece. What is so cool about the watch is the touch screen interface. You activate the touch receptive sapphire crystal and then tap the area's function you wish. The readout is a combination of analog hands and a small LCD screen. I never got one of the original Tissot T-Touch watches, or the Navigator, or the Trekking, but I did eventually get a Tissot T-Touch Expert, which is their latest and greatest model  with an updated movement that has more functionality and a slightly larger screen. Look for a detailed Tissot T-Touch Expert watch review on soon.

* Designer: Tomoko Tomita
* Manufacturer: SEIKO
* Reference: Seiko SCBS007 and SCBS005
* Automatic self-winding movement
* Calibre 6R15
* 23 Jewels
* 50 hour power reserve
* Average accuracy between +25 seconds from -15 seconds per month
* Diameter 41mm
* Thickness 14.3 mm
* Weight: 70 g (without strap)
* Leather Strap
* Hardened Stainless Steel case
* Sapphire crystal

The Green Vault is located near the clock tower that has a lot of historical significance for A. Lange and Sohne because the original founder apprenticed here under master watch maker Friedrich Gutkaes, and began his idea for a manufacture. A short distance away is the famous "five minute clock" located in the Semper Opera House that is also tied to A. Lange & Sohne's history having been created in Gutkaes' manufactury in 1841 . These locations are in Dresden, but that is not where A. Lange & Sohne began. Lange wanted to enter a new region as Dresden was crowded with watch makers at the time. Eyes were set about 45 minutes south to Glashutte near the Ore Mountains. It was a poor region at the time. There, Lange saw potential in the people as watch makers due to their focus on crafts and weaving. Attention to tiny detail can easily be transferred to other skills with good direction. Today Glashutte is a different place than it was then, completely transformed by these actions in the 19th century. What is so amazing to me is that after all those years, and considering all the other things that have changed, the core elements of watches and clocks remain the same. It is that type of tradition that A. Lange & Sohne refers to when using the term "tradition."

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Linde Werdelin Gets In The DLC Game With The Hard Black Elemental Biformeter Watch

Linde Werdelin Gets In The DLC Game With The Hard Black Elemental Biformeter Watch

The Seiko Bell-Matic was produced from late 1966 to 1978. They were made using "4006" automatic movements with 17, 21 or 27 jewels and while most featured the day and date there were a few models that featured the date only. These were identified as a "4005" movement and were only manufactured before 1970. The most outstanding feature on these watches is the mechanical hand-wind alarm. The alarm is wound and set using the crown and engaged using the alarm button. In addition to these functions the crown also serves to set the time and the alarm button can quick-set the date. There is no quick-set feature for the day. I guess Seiko planned on the watch being worn so since the order for days of the week never changes there was no need to set it manually. However the day can be "quick-set" by turning the crown from 9:30PM to 1AM, repeating this back-and-forth until the desired day is reached.

Today's exotic is the Zenith Defy Xtreme Zero-G Tourbillon available here on This interesting interpretation of a multi-axis tourbillon does something that is seemingly impossible. It takes a tourbillon carriage and sets it in a free-moving gyroscopic styled housing. Basically the bottom of the tourbillon always points down, no matter than position the watch is in. This is done by having a series of conical shaped regulator gears that follow the movement of the tourbillon escapement as it literally dangles around in the watch.

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