A lange Sohne Homage to FALange watches

Frank Muller Aetenrnitas watches

None of these watches are limited editions they though it is likely that they will not be super easy to find as well as not made forever. I think they are all pretty cool from a novelty standpoint, but the Lightning Flash spoke most to me. Plastic and 41mm wide, this watch is part of the "New Gent" collection. Inside, it has a Swiss ETA quartz movement. The dial is yellow in the black case with just the Swatch logo and black lighting hands. Like something from a comic book page, the straps are black and white lightning bolts (even the strap ring) and made from silicon.

Note how Christopher Ward offers their own version of the pilot watch "onion" crown. It sorta of has that look while looking modern and neat. The tan leather strap is a necessary touch, but where are my beloved pilot watch strap rivets? The hands on the dial are pretty much the right size, but can look smaller in certain lights. This is due to the black edge of the hands matching the color of the dial. This is a common issue and I have actually thought a lot about how to resolve it. One idea I have had is to have the black color of the hands a slightly different shade (say a bit more gray) than the dial. Alternatively, the hand edges and dial could have a very different texture or finish - those ideas will likely help the hands stand out more, but still preserve that iconic pilot watch look. One brand that does it pretty well is IWC.

What first attracted my attention to the Sea-Touch was the size and style. It was just really cool looking. Offered in a sporty black and orange on rubber, or more sober black and white version, it has a masculine look that combines just the right amount of tech and town for me. You could easily wear this watch in non-diving contexts and not be looked at strangely. This is actually a major point of the watch - to look universally good. Most people with taste will agree that while a Casio or Suunto multi-function watch is really cool, there are lots of times when it just isn't appropriate to wear one.

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Frank Muller Revoluton watches

BW: There are several reasons for the costs, mainly due to nonstandard cases and limited production runs. Most case makers have minimum order quantities of 500 or more, which is more than the entire annual production for ochs und junior. We wanted a 2-part, unpolished case with no movement ring, and no manufacturer could make that for us. Having them made by Peter Cantieni allows top quality and small quantities, but of course the per-unit cost is much higher. It also allows much faster turnaround on new ideas and parts, and we felt it was important to work outside of the industry.

If I get 100 backers at 0 each, then the project will produce ,000. ,000 of which will go to producing the first 100 watches, and ,000 of which is profit. That is how you fund an initial watch production. The good news is that after initial production has started and you've made 100 pieces. The machining for the watches is still intact. This means you can produce the next 100 (or however many) pieces at a cheaper cost. You also know that because the first 100 pieces sold, perhaps you can sell more. Kickstarter.com not only can provide you with the necessary eyes to fund the project, but was also the monetary conduit (but they take a modest cut of course).

Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod Watch Watch Releases

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Replica Panerai Luminor Watches

Ref: GB-6900
Water Resistance: 20 Bar
Size of Case: 53.2 — 50.0 — 18.3 mm
Total Weight: Approx. 65 g

Interesting that he and his pals went futuristic after he resided over classic and vintage pieces for so long. The 2LMX watch reminds me of the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical watch (a lot). These watches share concepts including the overall design. They both have vertically mounted tourbillons, they both have split dials, and they both have highly exposed cases and movements. More than a little bit of credit goes to Jean-Francois Ruchonnet for this design.

To make it a true diver Bell & Ross gave the BR02 an internal rotating bezel, an automatic helium release valve, as well as 500 meters of water resistance. The watch came in both three-hand and chronograph variant, while additional styles were added over the years. The large polished steel case is chunky feeling - as a good diver should be. The attached rubber strap is custom for the case and integrates nicely with the design. Best of all it is very comfortable and does not feel like a weight on your wrist. This is good because like the BR01, the BR02 is a large watch. It is almost 50mm wide including the crown and pushers, and about 49mm tall. Thickness is 17mm. With a large domed sapphire crystal it makes for a handsome and aggressive look.

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Breitling Superocean Heritage

Ulysse Nardin Watch Manufacture: Where Technology Meets Pride Inside the Manufacture

Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod Watch Watch Releases

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

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IWC Portofino watches

The watch is He-Man sized (and styled) at 48mm wide in steel with a complex looking case with screws in the sides all over it. Antoine Preziuso is so douchey with how they talk about this. Something about how the 13 screws in the case give it "perfect water resistance." I didn't think that 50 meters of water resistance was considered "perfect." The case is 13mm thick - which isn't too bad given the size. On the dial you have really thick hands and a nice looking face that feels like a good compliment to this power-hungry mechanism. Remember, the movement feeds off on your precious energy. Does this not disturb you? To have some strange mechanical parasite relying on your movements?!

Arguably not a boutique diver, but stunningly gorgeous, nice ETA 2836 movement, sapphire bezel, well-designed (and tough) Trip-Tick case and superb marketing. Unusual 9-layer, dual-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, sapphire bezel, ornate hands, day and date display. (see the Bremont Supermarine 500 watch review here.)

Things I dislike

Montblanc Villeret Grand Chronographe Enamel Dial Watch Watch Releases

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Replica Hublot

Tissot T-Navigator Automatic & Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Style of the DA44 is heavily based on the Sinn U2 range. They aren't exactly one-to-one copies but it is clear what Damasko was going for. I haven't compared the two side by side, but I can say that the DA44 is about 00 cheaper than the Sinn U2. Both are German brands, and I believe both use German-made cases.

Harry Winston Opus Eleven Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Rolex Sea Dweller

Logically speaking it should not matter to me whether or not a watch I like was worn by characters in movies. Though practically it does seem to matter. The reality is that seeing characters we enjoy watching in movies (or TV shows) wearing watches we like helps boost our perception of those watches and those brands. It also helps frame the personality of watches. Most watch advertising has timepieces floating around like art in space. In reality however, their true personality comes out while on the wrist. Hamilton is a brand that has had a very long relationship with Hollywood, and whose watches can be found on numerous wrists in both films and television shows.

Perrelet Regulator Retrograde Watch Watch Releases

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Replica Breitling Avenger

Packaging: Leather box, pouch with FORTIS logo, instruction manual with certificate of limitation, international warranty card

It kind of reminds me a of a poor-man's “Henry Graves" Patek. The estimate for this watch is Sfr 200'000- 300'000, roughly USD 8,000 - 3,000. My guess is that it will fall neatly in the middle of that range.

Archimede SportTaucher M Watch Watch Releases

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Replica Omega Watches

Years ago when the first Hublot Big Bang came out it was an interesting watch to most people. It had an aggressive military and industrial sensibility to it that so many men enjoyed back then, and still enjoy today. Not everyone is in love with Hublot watches, but most tend to agree that the Big Bang was a solid design. So solid that for a long time Hublot became typecast as a firm making only Big Bang watches. That is until a few years ago when watches like the King Power and others came along to fill in the product line a bit more.

The Calibre 3510 is easily the best part of the watch, and again is entirely made and designed by Eterna (a true in-house movement). The rectangular shaped movement is a visual spectacle with its two large mainspring barrels and attractive finishing. People don't expect it when you hand the watch to them and they turn it around to see the movement through the sapphire caseback window. The movement really makes the watch what it is. With 192 hours of power reserve it is necessary to have the power reserve indicator there to show you when to wind the movement. Winding the movement is simple enough but you need to wind for a long time. Yes, it is going to be more than just a few turns to wind enough power over a week, but I find that the Calibre 3510 seems to require even more than the expected amount of winding.

There are various versions of the Surf Watch with dial colors such as red, black, and sandy tan. Strap choices include leather, rubber that looks like a bracelet, and a full metal bracelet. The cases have rotating bezels and decently designed dials. The hands and hour markers are pretty easy to read, but the watch functions need some explanation as few timepiece dials are laid out like this. First of all, the movement is done by Swiss ISA. This movement maker is really interesting and I'd like to get to know more about them in the future. As far as I know they are a sort of a smaller-scale movement maker for those who want movements that do more than just tell the time. They also seem to produce only quartz movements. I have a few watches with ISA movements and they are all quirky to say that least. Not that quirky is terrible, but I've never had one with functions that screamed simplicity to me.

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