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What's most interesting about the Dior Christal Mysterieuse is that the electro-mechanical movement is always in motion. Featuring a total of six sapphire discs - the Quinting manufacture is composed of three fixed plates and three mobile discs rotate to indicate the days, hours and minutes. This mechanism allows the dial façade to perpetually rotate, returning to its initial position only once a month.

Star Wars Watches By Marc Ecko Sneak Preview Watch Releases

Herman Miller Ergonomic Chairs Prove Top Choice For Discerning Watch Makers Inside the Manufacture

As an entry level watch, this is still a hell of a timepiece from Bathys Hawaii. You get the great looking case done in a specially hardened metal, the iconic dial, a Swiss movement with a big date complication, and the durability you've come to expect from all the hype. Plus, you get all the brand persona that Bathys has worked hard and deservingly, to get. At 0 you start with this Bathys 100 Fathoms watch and can easily work your way up.

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Style on the watches comes from some of the Omega "throwback" models that look to the 1930s I think. You see what I call "railroad" style Arabic numerals that feel old-timey good. The watches have a variety of very visible hands that are taken from other Omega watches such as the Aqua Terra and some of the Speedmaster models. I think the hands are paired well with the watches they are on. Omega also throws in their retro style logo, that is in all red with a look right out of granddad's era. These features contribute to the "Timeless" part of the collection's name.

Project X offers three main useful services for watch lovers. First, they offer a full customization service where you choose what Rolex watch you want, and everything you want done to it. As the term "bespoke" isn't used too often in the US, it simply means "personalized." They source the new Rolex watch and you can either choose from various options on their website, or enjoy a very personal consultation with them to communicate precisely what your dream is. Project X invests a large amount of time privately with clients working with them on designing their ultimate Rolex watch creation. Often times the costs for such modifications can be high given the complexity. For customers who opt for this, it is not a matter of cost, but joy that a company like Project X even exists to offer such services with quality results. Project X takes great pride in their Bespoke Edition watches.

For the above watch you have the Angular Momentum Urushi Hototogisu, which is the Cuckoo bird. It is done in mix of black and red Urushi. The bird is an omen of spring and is rarely actually seen as it flies so swiftly.

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Maitres du Temps Watch Maker Family Together, Going Over Chapter Two Watch

Maitres du Temps Watch Maker Family Together, Going Over Chapter Two Watch

Welcome to the world of wonderfully weird watches. In this special sponsored section I'd like to introduce you to an interesting watch that will appeal to the person who thrives on living just outside the norm. By Dexter Sinister - the brand of intriguing contradiction - comes the Hex, a collection of three watches available Yes, the timepiece is different, but has a functionally inspired design that lends to the allure of this horological curio. See below for a special reader discount.

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Milus Herios & Tirion TriRetrograde Watches Hands-On Hands-On
Milus Agenios Automatic Blue Dial Ladies Watch AGES01
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Milus Ladies Apiana Black Dial Diamond Ladies Watch APIS01SS
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Milus Herios & Tirion TriRetrograde Watches Hands-On Hands-On
Milus Cirina White Dial 18kt Pink Gold Diamond Ladies Watch CIRR01
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Milus Herios & Tirion TriRetrograde Watches Hands-On Hands-On
Milus Agenios Silver Dial Automatic Mens Watch AGESM02
Time Remaining: 1d 15h 39m
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Milus Herios & Tirion TriRetrograde Watches Hands-On Hands-On
Milus Alarm Date mens wristwatch Nickel Chromiun case 36 mm in diameter
Time Remaining: 1d 16h 12m
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Milus Herios & Tirion TriRetrograde Watches Hands-On Hands-On
Antique Gents Bucherer Date Watch Movement 26 mm Milus
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Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Commemorative Edition Watch Announced Watch Releases

Swarovski is making bold moves, ladies! (Guys, be at least idly aware).

For one thing, I don't think that this is going to be the whole collection, but rather 2-3 preliminary watch renderings, and there will be more. Plus, the watches will likely be split into a "Dark Side" line, and the reciprocal, which is "Light Side?" Maybe Jedi, or Rebellion? Something like that. Of course there have been Star Wars watches in the past, but these are something different. Why? Because instead of just printing the Rebel Alliance logo or Chewbacca's face on the dial of an otherwise plain-jane watch, the entire watch is built on a theme. Not just that, but there will be special features that each watch has including sound effects and more! Some of the basic features we will see is the Timex Indiglo dial lumination on the watches, as well as some with analog hands on top of a digital LCD screen face (see at least the Boba Fett watch). We will see what other cool stuff the final timepieces have.

In addition to having a thinner profile, the watch has more metal on it that the PAW-1500. The bezel has some polished and textured metal, which makes for a nice look. We aren't talking about thick high-grade steel, but it does make for a better look. There are actually going to be two versions of this new Pathfinder PAW-2000 watch, there will be the PAW-2000-1, and the PAW-2000-7. They will have a resin strap or titanium bracelet respectively. My PAW-1500 has the titanium bracelet which is great, but each will work nicely. Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Is Coming Watch Releases

Winwatch Puts RFID Tags In Watch Crystals Watch Industry News

The style of the dial is similar to other Regattare watches, but with enough differences. You have a thinned out dial, meaning the indicators are slimmer and more sleek looking, you also have special hour and minute hands, and a needle style seconds hand that is highly polished. I find that I really like how the title of the watch is written in cursive, and appreciate just how legible the dial really is. While the style of the watch makes it look perfect for boating, it is not a diver's watch - but no worries about getting it wet with its solid case and screw-down crown (which has a nice Magrette logo engraved in it).

Which leads me to clarify again, Seiko is a true watch manufacture. They make all of their own movements, dials, bracelets, and cases. They even make such hard to make parts such as hairsprings and mainsprings. Which are coincidentally considered the most difficult of watch movement parts to make. Everyone is done by Seiko, and this allows them to produce many impressive watches. So what does this mean to you? Well, it means that those “hand assembled” watches with “manufacture movements” from European watch companies that are tens of thousands of dollar if not more, have a competitor at Seiko. Most of their “Grand Seiko” and related high end lines are just as nicely made, in-house, and cost on a few thousand. Not just that, but Seiko watches are extremely reliable and durable, and very accurate.

Mido Multifort Gents & Chrono Valjoux Watches For 2009 Watch Releases

The MTG1100-1A features a lot more stainless steel in the construction that some of the other Casio G-Shock models that are mostly resin. This upgrades the look a lot. The pieces looks similar to some of the newer Casio Edifice pieces as well. It takes the G-Shock series in a welcome new direction. Giving you a new reason to notice the do anything, go anywhere watches. For whatever reason Casio didn't give me details about the size of the watch, or things like water resistance. Probably 200 meters for latter. Expect size to be on par with most other Casio G-Shock watches (not too big or too small - how is that for specific?). You know you want one - I sure do. I feel like each new Casio G-Shock watch  I get helps repair my lost childhood dreams little by little (I felt like a tech starved youth!). The Casio G-Shock MT-G ref. MTG1100-1A should be available now for a retail price of 0 (street price likely a bit less).

Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG1100-1A Watch Watch Releases
CASIO Watch G SHOCK MT G World Wave Solar MTG S1000D 1A9JF NEW F S
Time Remaining: 7h 37m
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Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG1100-1A Watch Watch Releases
Casio Mens MTG900DA 8V G Shock MT G Atomic Tough Solar Watch Sold as
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Time Remaining: 9h 56m

If you visit DWATCH's website you can visit the "Custom" tab you can mix all the available parts of the watch and "build your own." There are only going to be 100 of the Sting Ray watches as they are all individually numbered and part of a limited edition. Once again the price is about 0. Always nice to see people getting watches like this and enjoying them (it helps when they are good photographers too).

The black color of the case and thick alligator leather strap make for an appealing an aggressive look. The lume on the hour markers and hands is a friendly canary yellow color. It is a soft touch to the watch,and allows the Hard Black II to be very legible. Linde Werdelin has currently been experimenting with many different types of colors, which might sound like they are just trying to extend one look as far as they can, but I am surprised at how dynamic the core Linde Werdelin watch case line is. Overall, this black and yellow scheme looks great on the Hard Black II as much as the DLC coating looks good on the Linde Werdelin "The One" watch base. One of the best luxury reminders of the watch is the even though the case is finished in a matte tone, the laser-cut hands and hour markers (around the lume) is highly polished which makes for a nice shimmery look. The dial is easy to read through the AR coated sapphire crystal. The case is water resistant to 300 meters (1000 feet).

For me, the M103 watch is a good all-around timepiece, with a price of ,400. With a good mix of sport and formal style, you can wear the watch with jeans, shorts, suit, or a black leather jacket. I feel that the watch exudes a sense of practicality and being functionally minded. Its non pretentious, and genuine.  A watch like this makes you approachable, and also communicates that you are tasteful and enjoy nice things in life. I personally like the watch a lot and certainly enjoy wearing it.

See Angular Momentum watches on eBay here.

This is one my my favorite classically styled Ball watches. It is called the Trainmaster Cleveland Express Dual Time. The Trainmaster line of watches are Ball's most expensive with there being two 18k gold version that go up to about ,000.  The pictured watch retails at ,100. One of the best features about the watch are the applied blued steel Arabic numerals that look so nice. The automatic movement has been decorated and has been COSC Chronometer certified. The watch is handsome without being showy and good for those who like a nice conservative watch with lots of historical reference.

Cartier Oops With New Les Must Collection Ad? Watch Industry News

CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Maybe a surprise to you, but this is going to be my first trip to Switzerland. Today I embark on a (frustratingly long) flight to Geneva for two important shows. First is the highly exclusive SIHH 2010, put on indirectly by the Richemont Group to celebrate mostly its brands. This gala style event is apparently very high-class, and of course, as always, "by invitation only." I do consider myself lucky having be asking to attend. There I will mingle and see new for 2010 releases of many brands, just a few of which are Audemars Piguet (not part of Richemont), A. Lange & Sohne, Cartier, Panerai, Vacheron Constantin, Greubel Forsey (also not part of Richemont I understand), Van Cleef & Arpels, Richard Mille (not part of Richemont), IWC, and many more!

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