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The Seebataillon is a 44 x 12.7mm titanium cased diver with a domed sapphire crystal that boasts 300m of water resistance. The styling is quite distinctive and is a welcome departure from the more common Sub-a-like diver trope. To put it simply, I think the look and feel of the Seebataillon is fantastic. For a large watch it has a subtle wrist presence and a definitively military vibe with sparse dial text, excellent legibility and real feeling of quality. It's hard not to love the warmer tones of the titanium case, deep blue bezel and dial and the use of a warm rich yellow for the GMT hand, rehaut scale and dial text. The date display at 4 o'clock is nicely aligned with the crown and features a circular aperture that does a good job of maintaining the balance of the dial while still being legible.

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The segment, titled "You Can Put Time in Your Hands" was produced by David Gutnick and looks to highlight the slowly disappearing discipline of craft watchmaking, especially within the Canadian context. The school's future is in jeopardy as it is supported by the Quebec government and may soon lose its funding. The piece mixes history, human interest and current market information into a story about the people and conditions surrounding the creation of hand-built watches. At a little over sixteen minutes, this is a worthwhile listen for any watchnerd and a great way to kick off your weekend.

At 48mm wide in size with pronounced lugs this watch is probably a bit too large for my wrists. That is because the lugs tend to jut out a bit past the edges of my wrist. I still like to wear it, but I am aware that on my smaller wrists this watch looks a touch too large. If you are sensitive about that type of thing then try before you buy with a Big Pilot to see how it looks on you. The ceramic case is soft to the touch and feels to be a bit lighter than steel - or maybe that is just psychological. For some reason when I pick up the watch I expect it to heavier than it appears. As a daily wear the Big Pilot Top Gun performs admirably in terms of comfort and fitting in with a lot of different types of attire. I wore it with a black and white suit and it looks good actually given the main colors of the dial and case.

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Ever wondered what it is like to work with Ariel Adams?

2012 sees the release of the special limited edition "Steampunk" version of the Tread 1, and I am happy to offer this exclusive review and first ever hands-on look at it. It is Devon's answer to an artsier version of a mechanical art watch, and it is something which I am happy they decided to make. If you think the Tread 1 was a niche product, I wonder how you feel about the Tread 1 Steampunk? In most respects, the Steampunk version of the Tread 1 is the same as the original. Mechanically it is the same (although it features the latest firmware), and the case dimensions are more or less comparable (the differences come in with all the Steampunk cladding). Having said that, the new parts make it feel like something rather different - and no, those aren't loose screws coming out of it.

For some people, "custom piece unique" is the ultimate luxury. Not only the idea that what you are buying only you can have, but also that you had a big part in its design. There are also those people who have distinct things they want someone to make. It is an interesting dichotomy of desires actually. On one end, you have the person who is interested in having a skilled artist simply make something cool and exclusive for them. On the other end is someone who has a particular concept in their mind that they are unable to personally create and must find one of a few people in the world able to produce it. Not yet have I ever been one of the latter. The former perhaps, but not the latter. Yet. Though perhaps a time will come when I simply must have an engraved rendition of a pony designed into the bridges of a watch movement. You never know.

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Typically, this would be the time when someone in my position would thank everyone involved, say it has been amazing, and promise you all sorts of cool stuff for the future. The more I read that stuff the less it sounds sincere. Of course, everyone involved in the site such as our developer, Kristin, who wears many hats, the designers, and the contributing writers are highly valued. And if I need to promise you cool stuff in the future - that basically means I have nothing planned. Instead of all that I am going to open up a little and briefly talk about some of the more difficult to understand elements of running a watch blog that even many of our most dedicated readers might not understand.

Welcome a new generation of IWC Portuguese with the Portuguese Chronograph Classic. From a marketing perspective, IWC has been dedicating each year to a particular watch collection. 2013 is all about the Ingenieur, but again, that is just from a marketing and PR perspective. There is more on the IWC plate. Another new release for 2013 is rather important for fans of the Portuguese collection. Updated and arguably more sporty than ever, this is the best Portuguese chronograph watch to date. Called the Portuguese Chronograph Classic, it builds on the design of the Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph that was originally debuted in 2012 (hands-on here).

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What I got for my investment was a deeper reward than I could ever have imagined.  I got to know the watches, feel like I was there, learn a lot about the brands, and get my mind blown with a steady stream of watch porn the likes of which I have never seen.

5. Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Watch Review

We would like to remind New York City and surrounding area residents that July 25th, 2013 is the evening of the aBlogtoWatch & Girard-Perregaux Summer Soiree event at the Girard-Perregaux Boutique on Madison Avenue. The event begins at 6pm and continues at the adjacent Club Macanudo next door at 8pm. We have a bit more room for guests at the boutique, and anyone unable to get a space can join us at Club Macanudo.

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ABTW: But do you still hope to find it one day?

Both The Charming Bird and the Bird Repeater are highly limited edition watches, but their value to Jaquet Droz is more about proving that the modern brand can keep up with its history. One thing that Jaquet Droz has which most historically-based brands don't, is an incredibly rich set of intellectual assets to build off of today. The challenge of course is taking extremely complicated things such as The Writer automaton and somehow incorporate them into the brand's larger modern collection of products.

This is a watch that's all about the movement, so I'm glad they have a full-width view back. Note the swan's neck fine regulator and lack of wire springs: this is emphatically not a cheap movement in design or execution. Ditto the column wheel - the more expensive solution for chronograph coordination, it's quite difficult to manufacture.

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I rather like the fun use of color and the addition of the moon phase display, but wish the limited edition models also had the cool screw down chronograph pushers that were seen on the original model. With such a limited run on a design with an interesting history, the Concentrique Grand Complication 5 makes for one rather interesting and very rare watch. To say these are collectible would be an understatement. Look out for some hands-on time with these goodies from Mr. Roberts soon. Don't forget he is personally making each of these by hand so we need to wait until one is available.

My First Grail Watch: Roland G. Murphy Of RGM

My First Grail Watch: Roland G. Murphy Of RGM

2. Exclusive Hands-On Look At The Swatch Sistem51, A Revolutionary Mechanical Watch (Exclusive Live Pics)

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The first breakthrough leading to where the brand is today, came in 1994, with the introduction of their Heart Beat watches: the main feature had been the partial opening of the dial to make the balance wheel visible from the dial side. With the brand still having been fairly small they neglected patenting this unique design - and within a year several competitors created new models with the same or similar apertures on the dial. Nonetheless, the manufacture achieved great results year after year, with annual growth figures constantly in the range of 20-35%.

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A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Annual Calendar Platinum Watch Review

A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Annual Calendar Platinum Watch Review