For instance, I doubt anyone buying a Ferrari would be happy if it was fitted with a BMW engine, or buying a BMW and accepting a Toyota engine. When buying a car, we (consumers) expect that the manufacturer will not only engineer the outside of the car but also the inside and the engine...  Of course, parts and components are sometimes sourced from third parties in the car industry, however the engines, as a whole, typically come from the same "name" as the one branding the outside of the car. Nevertheless, in the watch industry for the longest time, this was not the case as ETA became the de-facto engine of a majority of Swiss Made watches.

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Seiko has massaged the dial design towards a more simple layout by deleting the minute numbering and opting for triangular tooth-shaped indices that I rather like as they compliment the legacy hand design. The SRP313K1 is characterized by a red outline treatment on the hands and hour markers which really pop on this otherwise colorless watch. Seiko has also opted for a knurled crown on the new Monster that is similar in look and feel to the crown fitted on the Marathon TSAR/GSAR divers. While the new crown allows an excellent grip, I do feel the old crown was a bit better looking.

I don't know exactly what people expect with devices like smartwatches and Google Glass, but the idea seems to be that your connected device will more easily integrate into your life. Google Glass offers the promise of being 'connected' while engaging socially. Smartwatches offer a similar promise. The idea that you can have Facebook and still less items in your pockets or purse. In a sense, one reason people want smartwatches so badly is that they want both of their hands free again. It doesn't even matter to most people how they will interact with a smartwatch - they assume Apple, Google, and Microsoft will figure that out for them - they crave being able to further simplify their need to constantly be connected with their need to be mobile. Wearable computing devices are the clear answer.

What About The Smartwatches We Already Have?

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Panerai Luminor 1950 (PAM 321) Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Orient Enforcer SEZ07003D0 Watch Watch Releases

I don't know if you've noticed, but watches with perfectly white dials are rare, especially sport watches. When I think of other sport watches with a white dial I pretty much only think of certain versions of the IWC Aquatimer (which are also very well done) and the Rolex Explorer II.  Aside from those and maybe a few other examples, you simple don't see high-end white dialed sport watches. Which is a total shame because when white faces are done well, they look fantastic. There is a good reason though why you see few white faces on watches: legibility.

During the week, our team will be sharing updates from the manufacture mostly on the aBlogtoWatch Facebook page, Twitter, as well as on the aBlogtoWatch Instagram feed. Note that we will be using the tag #fcwatchweek if you'd like to follow or respond to it. We will record a lot of video as well, to hopefully memorialize the experience in a way that will be exciting to the aBlogtoWatch audience. As always, if you have questions or are curious about the watch making process then simply submit your comments and let us know. We realize that few people will have the opportunity to assemble a mechanical watch movement themselves so sharing the moments involved is important to us.

Innovation Spotlight: Blancpain Under-lug Correctors

Innovation Spotlight: Blancpain Under-lug Correctors

Not to be outdone by Audemars Piguet and their claims to Formula 1 racing, Hublot, the official watch brand of F1, has announced the F1 King Power Austin as a tribute to the United States Grand Prix which was held in Austin, Texas this past weekend. Limited to just 250 units, this titanium cased chronograph boasts a carbon and titanium bezel which has been styled to look like a cross-drilled  performance brake rotor. Measuring 48mm across, the F1 King Power Austin is powered by the HUB4100 automatic chronograph movement which has a power reserve of 42 hours and offers a 30 minute chronograph, sub seconds and a date display.

Thanks to watch maker Ulysse Nardin, The Night's Watch now has a watch. Teaming up with HBO, Ulysse Nardin has produced a limited edition version of their Marine Diver for the Game of Thrones. The pre-mechanical fantasy medieval world now brought to life in the popular cable television show, now has a timepiece all its own. Just don't expect to see the piece on the wrist of Jon Snow or other members of the celibate order of honorable men and prisoners who man "the wall."

For me a chronograph is a more complex tool watch meant for measuring sports rather than engaging in them. The Sea Hawk wins out in terms of looking like it can survive anything. Gentlemen will however likely gravitate more toward the new Chrono Hawk. It is by no means a "formal dress" watch, but it is more elegant in its stance and persona. Attached to the Chrono Hawk is rubber mixed with leather strap in two colors. Look for these soon and more Girard-Perregaux sport watches to come in the future.

Frederique Constant Trip & Watches Giveaway Winners

Frederique Constant Trip & Watches Giveaway Winners

Bremont Solo White Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

In 2010 Zenith released the El Primero Defy Rainbow with a black and textured silver dial. In my opinion this version of the Rainbow was one of the best lookers from the Nataf years. It was a larger piece at 46.5mm wide as is the Stratos version (at over 45mm wide) and was the only Rainbow to actually say "Rainbow" on the dial. At the time these did not sell very well and were in production for a very short time. If you can find one - especially with the black dial - I recommend you pick it up. It very much has the stuff collector's items are made from. Rather than using the 405 movement, the Defy Rainbow used something called the El Primero 400FC. I don't know what the difference was as it had all the same complications. UPDATE: According to Zenith the El Primero 400FC is slightly unique because it used a "Zenithium" metal balance wheel bridge (the whole Defy collection did), that was a aluminum, titanium, and niobium alloy. It's purpose was to absorb some shock helping accuracy and longevity. Interesting! It also happened to be water resistant to 300 meters and spurred the genesis of the Zenith star counterweight on the chrono seconds hand. You'll notice that the Stratos Rainbow uses the exact same seconds hand as the 2010 Defy Rainbow.

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This particular model will be available in matte black with a black dial and a black reverse LCD. Certainly a style matching the generally serious and dark mood of Eminem lyrics. But what is behind this co-operation? Well, first of all, 'Slim Shady' has been wearing G-Shocks for a long time as many enthusiasts of the brand - or fans of the artist - may remember. That is a powerful connection and the chairman and CEO of Casio America, Shigenori Itoh is well aware of that. As he puts it: "With Hip-Hop, it’s as much about where it’s from as who it’s for. Eminem has an immense and loyal fan base around the world, as does G-SHOCK, making this collaboration one that will connect closely with many thousands of collective fans."

Minutes are read via the tourbillon tube. How to explain in words..? OK, so the tourbillon is a triple axis tourbillon so I will explain how it works. First is the tourbillon itself which spins on its axis once each minute. Second, the tourbillon rotates on the little arm holding it in place once each minute. So those are two axis points. The third point is that it moves around the entire open area once each hour. Thus, the little arm/tube holding the tourbillon in place revolved around the entire cage area each hour and can be used as a minute hand. There is a small arrow to help, but sadly no indicator around the porthole style window.

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After-all, with the drying up of the supply of these workhorse engines, many watch companies would be left with pretty watch cases with nothing to put inside, thus threatening their survival. Those companies who could (ie: with deep pockets) were given impetus to develop in-house movements, partly to remove dependence on external suppliers, and partly to move up the chain as it were, towards credibility as a watchmaking company.

On wrist, the Master Ultra Thin Perpetual wears very nicely. Thin and unobtrusive, this JLC really shines thanks to its sizing and effortless wrist presence. Viewable via the display case back is the JLC calibre 868 which is comprised of 336 parts (including 46 jewels) and has a power reserve of 38 hours.

This week at SIHH, shadowing Ariel, I finally got to meet some of the people who in large and small ways, have contributed to the wonder that is the Swiss watch industry. Stand on the banks of Lake Geneva and gaze knowingly at the signboards of all the familiar Swiss watch brands adorning every single building around the lake. Meet a couple of watch-makers and watch them excitedly and with much passion, explain the wonderful features of their latest creation. Come to the annual extravagance of SIHH in Geneva or Baselworld and just marvel at what this small country has done in order to claim the title of unrivaled masters of watch-making in the world.

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Each of the current crop has its own set of limitations and drawbacks. A post by Matt Mullenweg has a nice rundown of the alternatives. He likes the Jawbone Up -

Frederique Constant had to understand, that for their target audience, there has to be a perceptible difference, and one at that which is powerful enough to justify the expense it took to step into the world of luxury items. The brand was founded with exactly this in mind, this is what they have been doing for over 20 years now - and that shows! Looking at the Classics Manufacture watch, it does make you forget the price, because there is way enough eye-candy to keep you busy and your thoughts away from comparing the package you got to the price you paid for it.

Mind you, while the box is simple, it is strong, well made and serves the purpose of protecting the watch without any superfluous frills. That to me, was an unmatched delight, and proves the disciplined approach that Nomos has made to its entire product offering.